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...And who lives in Zilah's Lair?

I'm zilah, a daydreamer. I live in Finland, but I am always ready get to know new people from all around the world. Especially if you share my interests, I would happily welcome your messages. I write mainly slash so for those who are underage or find that offensive please do not read them. Same goes with my photomanips. Anyone else who is so inclined, I hope you enjoy. And one more thing: My stories are usually NC-17, and contains shameless fluffy and romance. I like angst too, but my heart breaks if I don't get happy ending!

You are warmly welcomed to friend me, but please be aware of couple of things:

1. Read my profile first. I want you to know what kind of fanart I create, before you decide to add me on your flist.

2. I am open-minded and friendly, but there are some things I cannot stand. One of them is flaming. All flames will be removed without explanations. The other one is stealing. I have worked hard to make these stories and manips, and I will not tolerate someone else taking credit of them.

3. If you are interested about my works, and want to have something for your use, I am ready to share if you remember this: Please Ask first, and give credit!

4. If you want to have access to this journal, please send me a message before adding me on your flist. I want to know a little more about you, before I friend you back.

5. If you find Slash (love between two males) or stories with high rating offensive, it is time to turn back.

6. One more time: This is an adult rated journal! I will not accept flaming from those who are offended of my works only because they didn't heed my warning.

I hope you enjoy of your staying!


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